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What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually supportive and cooperative relationship between farmers and consumers. The consumer pays for a crop “share” in advance, guaranteeing farmers a market for their goods. In return, growers supply shareholders with fresh, quality produce on a weekly basis throughout the growing season CSA works especially well for people who enjoy cooking, who appreciate local farmers, and who would like to fill their fridge and plates with fresh, local, and seasonal fruit & vegetables.

Why join Stick and Stone CSA?

Since CSA is building a direction relationship between the local consumer and the regional farmer. It can benefit the entire cycle in several ways. Farmer receive the payment in their early growing season which ease their financial burden as well as the risk of over or under produce. As a consumer, joining a CSA provides them the season long fresh farm products. You will also have the chance to get involved in the land on which your food is grown by joining a weekly U-pickups events or other educational events to help you better understand the production process behind the product. Our farm is growing to be sustainable agriculture, which including organic farming practices, avoiding overproduction in order to minimizing the waste, reduced transportation cost by supporting regionally.

Stick and Stone Farm is a founding partner of the Full Plate Farm Collective. The Full Plate offers Summer and Winter CSA shares. New this year, Stick and Stone is also offering a fall semester CSA focused on Asian Vegetables. 

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