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We are a part of the

We come together with Remembrance Farm and a handful of other local, organic growers to offer a 23 week Summer-Fall Vegetable CSA and a 12 week Winter Vegetable CSA. All fresh, local and organic!

The Collective model allows us to focus on our own specialty crops while sharing equipment, space, the risks of a changing climate & more.

In addition to a weekly share of the harvest, members have exclusive access to our u-pick gardens


Do you have your own CSA?

No, we only offer shares through the Collective

Why a collective?

Being a part of the Collective allows us to focus on our own specialty crops, share tools and resources and provide a broader connection among local farmers and a common membership

Do you offer subsidized CSA shares?

Yes, Full Plate participates in the Healthy Food For All program​

Who do I contact with CSA questions?

Contact our CSA Coordinator, Molly, at 607-379-2866 or

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